The Technology Leader in Depth Filter Sheets and Modules

More than 100 years ago, SeitzSchenk developed the first effective microfilter. Since then, we have continued to lead the way with new advancements in depth filter technology.
SeitzSchenk is synonymous with technological innovation and high quality, dependable depth filtration products.
SeitzShenk brings this expertise to the broad product offering available through Pall Corporation.

Seitz® K Series Depth Filter Sheets

Food & Beverage Applications

EKS, EK1, EK, KS50, KS80, Fine Filtration: Microorganism reduction and yeast removal in wine. Final filtration of juice and juice concentrate. Microorganism reduction in sugar syrups. Microorganism reduction in enzyme solutions.
K100, K150, K200, K250, K300
, Polish Filtration: Polishing of wine. Prefiltration of juice prior to final membrane filtration. Haze removal in apple juice..
K700, K800, K900
, Coarse Filtration: Wine clarification. Particle removal from fruit juice and tea-based drinks. Prefiltration of juice concentrate. Olive oil polishing. Enzyme solution and sweetener clarification.

Seitz® T Series Depth Filter Sheets

Food & Beverage Applications

T120, T500, T750, T950: Coarse filtration of rennet. Coarse clarification of rapeseed and wheat germ oil. Fine filtration of sugar syrup.
T1000, T1500, T2100, T3500
: Wine clarification. Coarse filtration of natural extracts. Coarse filtration of sugar syrup. Coarse filtration of honey and edible oils.
T2600, T5500
: Sugar syrup clarification. Particle removal in spirits. Clarification of enzyme solutions.

K–Series Depth Filter Sheets

Bioburden Reduction and Fluid Clarification

EKS Vaccines, pharmaceuticals and Bio-Pharmaceuticals, phytopharmaceuticals (sterile filtration), plasma fractionation, serum, aqueous cosmetics (clarifying and fine filtration)
EK1 Aqueous cosmetics (clarifying and fine filtration), pharmaceuticals and Bio-Pharmaceuticals, plasma fractionation
EK Pharmaceuticals and Bio-Pharmaceuticals.
KS50 Phytopharmaceuticals (clarifying filtration)
KS80 Antibiotics (clarifying filtration), vaccines, infusion solutions, plant extracts (clarifying filtration), plasma fractionation
K100 Clarifying filtration
K150 Pharmaceuticals and Bio-Pharmaceuticals (clarifying filtration), serum (pre-filtration)
K200, K250 Vaccines (prefiltration), phytopharmaceuticals (clarifying filtration)
K300 Antibiotics (clarifying filtration), cosmetics (clarifying filtration)
K700 Antibiotics (clarifying filtration), serum (prefiltration), cell harvest
K800 Vaccines (prefiltration), cell harvest
K900 Infusion solutions (prefiltration), cosmetics (particle filtration), cell harvest

T–Series Depth Filter Sheets

High Output with Long Filtration Cycles

T120, T500, T750 Fine clarification
T950, T1000, T1500
, T2100 General prefiltration
T2600, T3500
, T5500 Pharmaceuticals and Bio-Pharmaceuticals (solid/liquid separation) Serum (prefiltration), vaccines (prefiltration)

Z–Series Depth Filter Sheets

Positive Zeta Potential for Adsorptive Removal from Aqueous Suspensions

Z200 Enzyme solutions, fermenter broths, water
Z400, Z2000 Pharmaceuticals

E-Series Depth Filter Sheets

Filter Paper with Depth Filter Properties for Solid and Liquid Separation or Clarifying Filtration

Blood plasma fractionation. Therapeutic proteins. Biomass separation. Antibiotics production. Vaccines. Natural plant extracts and transgenics

NIRO Kieselguhr-, Sheet-, Combi Filter

High-performance filter plate in stainless steel